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Annual International Conference on Real Options: Theory Meets Practice

12th Annual International Conference
July 9-12, 2008

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paper Submission Form and Instructions

Deadline: February 21, 2008

PAPER SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please submit a nearly completed paper plus an abstract (or detailed abstract) and fill out the form below. The title page should include the affiliation, address, phone, and e-mail of each author. The best method of electronic submission for your paper is to upload an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file to your web page and fill in the URL for the paper on the web submission form below. You should prepare the file to include all fonts in Truetype or Adobe Type 1 format (information on creating these files is below). The American Finance Association submission instructions, copied below, are useful for creating a suitable PDF file. Failing this, you can upload a Word® file.

PAPER PREPARATION GUIDELINES: Use the Distiller from Acrobat 4.05 or better. Select "Embed all fonts" on the Distiller "Settings/Job Options/Fonts" menu. Otherwise Acrobat may include font references in the PDF file to fonts on your computer that may not be available on our servers or other computers. This is a common difficulty with abstracts and papers that do not turn out to be legible on our website and are excessively large. You can check your output for suitability if you uncheck the "Use local fonts" option of the "View" menu of Acrobat while examining the resulting file for missing elements (especially symbols, ligatures, Greek letters, brackets, etc. but sometimes elements as common as commas). A more detailed document describing how to create portable PDF files is on the NSF website at https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/documents/pdf_create/pdfcreate_01.jsp.


Paper Submission Form

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Please list authors as they appear on the paper, with the exception that the corresponding author is first in the list. Use the scroll-down menu to identify where to put the corresponding author in the list.

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Note: By submitting your paper and abstract, you give permission to the conference organizers to post your abstract (if the paper is accepted) on the conference website. You also agree to allow the accepted paper to be posted on the website, or to have a link to a URL for your paper posted on the website.

If the paper is accepted, this abstract will be posted on the conference website. Thus, it will be posted in html format. If you need formatted text, use html. After you press the Submit button below, the next page will assume that your abstract is actually html. If it is pure text, it will display without paragraph breaks. Rest assured that the paragraph breaks go to us and will be properly displayed when we apply our basic html formatting.


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